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Unity Projects

To use these packages, right-click on any of the links and select "Save Link As". Then create a new Unity project, then open the file.


A button that switches the toggle the current camera between two different views.

Download here: CamerasExample.unitypackage

Health And Hunger

Hunger and health both decrease (as seen in the console) - click the box to regain hunger levels.

Download here: HealthAndHungerExample.unitypackage


Simple room with a box that can be clicked on to toggle a light in the scene.

Download here: LightExample.unitypackage

Block Placing

A combination of placing and destroying blocks on a grid area, and switching between different block types by scrolling.

Before running the scene, set the player's settings to change how blocks are placed and how big the blocks are (0.5 is small, 2 is big)

Download here: BlockPlacingExample2.unitypackage

Old versions: BlockPlacingExample.unitypackage